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"Take us out of orbit, Mr. Data," Captain Jean-Luc Picard ordered. "Aye, sir," Lt. Commander Data replied, setting the corresponding coordinates on the control console. As the Enterprise turned, Data couldn''t help but smile.

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 · Take us out of orbit Mr. Crusher, warp three, engage! (Real FTL drives!)

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What''s more, each Warp Factor does NOT follow a linear path. For example, in regards to Warp Factor 5, it''s stated that it''s basically 200 times the speed of light. No easy path takes us from 13 times to 200times. By the time you get to Warp 9, Mr. Crusher?


No, Mr. Worf, I have a different idea. Open hailing frequencies. (sternly) I have been very patient, T''KEL. You have now seen what just one of my people can do. Unless you leave Federation space immediately, I will send a dozen and take over

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Take us to warp 9.6. Camera jumps to engineering, where Dalarsh is close to ripping her antennae out of her head in anxiety as the room shakes and consoles start to short out. Camera goes back to space and watches as Solaris nearly breaks apart from the strain.

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"Mr. Crusher, set course for Betazed." (sotto voice) "Warp 9." - Picard, after rescuing Lwaxana Troi "Do you wish to leave orbit, sir?" "Not until we have someplace to go." - Data and Picard "The Academy''s loss is our gain. The Enterprise will continue to benefit

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"Take us out of orbit, one-third impulse." "Aye, sir." Admiral Sharfer moved toward the doorway. "I''ll get to work on those uniforms, and I''ll have Mr. Shon assigned to the bridge." Ro nodded. The reality of their departure from Galion had left an unexpected lump in

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Henry Hill Jr. (June 11, 1943 – June 12, 2012) was an American mobster who was associated with the Lucchese crime family of New York City from 1955 until 1980, when he was arrested on narcotics charges and became an FBI informant. Hill testified …

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 · MeriCrusher MJ 2.3 ST pto improving driving surface on ice and gravel roads. Tractor is about 100 hp. Working width, about 8 feet. Crusher works crushes ice, and mixes gravel from the …

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Bison sends Ken out to take out Ryu and has Chun-Li out to be killed due to her connection to Interpol. He is followed by Ken after finding out that Bison was responsible for Cho being murdered and brainwashing him into being a mindless puppet for Shadaloo, Ryu finds Ken and tells him that he will defeat Bison for all the evil that he has cause to others.

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Senseless - Get us out of here, maximum warp! Baque - Setting course out of here, warp 9.936. Center - We can go that fast with only one nacelle? Baque - Yep, good ''ole redundant systems. Righteous - By all means helm boy, engage! Camera watches as the

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Mr Worf get us out of here. Worf Aye sir. Estimated time to impact at the Founder''s homeworld, two minutes nineteen seconds. Data Data to Admiral Picard. Picard Picard here. Data We took heavy damage from the warbird attack, the Omega furnace has

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On September 13, 1999 (Friday the 13th, of course) a massive nuclear explosion on the far side of the moon sends it hurtling out of Earth''s orbit and on a journey into the great unknown. I was very into this series when it aired locally on WUAB Channel 43 when I was 8-10 years old.

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Warp factor Warp scale from Encyclopediadirectly given values (Michael Okuda) Cubic warp scale v = w 3 c (Franz Joseph) Revised warp scale v = w 10/3 c (Michael Okuda) Onscreen Reference (Canon) (Multiple of speed of light) 1 1× 1× 1× 2 10× 8× 10× In the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Dead Stop", it is said that Enterprise would take about a decade (10 years) to travel 130 light years at ...

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(Space, warp speed) Both the Intrepid and Helena are moving at high warp on course to Bajor just ahead of the fleet to make sure that the lost of ships don''t increase after the Dominion War. (Helena main bridge) Captain Tyson is sitting in the command chair worried about the planet Bajor. What''s the number of ships around Deep Space 9 Comander says Tyson as he turns to Commander Core. At least ...

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Take us out of orbit, Mr. Crusher. Set course for ''audet IX. Usciamo dall''orbita Crusher, ... Ensign Crusher set course for Emila ll, warp three. Crusher, rotta per Emila II, curvatura tre. Mr. Sulu, set course for Earth. Signor Sulu, rotta per la Terra. We''ve set course ...

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"Take us out of warp, deploy armor and ready weapons", Leon said. "Yes sir!" Brandon Jank acknowledged. "Captain, the mother ship is assaulting the colonies defenses." Xavier reported.

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"Mr Crusher, Warp 9, Engage, Engage! Make it so! Comon Wesley, get us out of here!" Panics Picard. "I Know, I know, captain, don''t pressure me. It''s that button is''nt it? " cries Wesley horrified. If the core survives, which it did here just after the Enterprise ...

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"Take us out of transwarp, prepare to enter orbit of the planet", Leon responded. The Ambrosia existed out of transwarp and entered orbit of the planet over the colony. "Scan the colony for life signs" Captain Strife ordered. "I''m picking up life signs, but they don''t

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Picard looked at the Ambassador, who was giving him a smug look despite watery eyes, and then ordered, "Mr Data, full impulse engines to take us out of orbit and the solar system. Go to Warp 8 as soon as you can. Engage." "Mr Worf. Please get someone

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"Mr Crusher, take us out of warp and into visual range, flank speed." "Aye, sir." The teenage Acting Ensign''s voice held not a hint of nerves. The boy is his father all over again, Picard thought, not for the first time. "Sir," said Worf, "I recommend we go to red alert

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"Mr. Crusher," Riker commanded. "Plot a course that takes us out of the fleet fastest while they''re distracted with the Borg. Go to warp seven and rendezvous with the human sips en route here." "Plotting a course. The route selected should take us less than a

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 · This is how you get the "Orbit Achieved" Challenge in the game "Borderlands." It''s an awesome game with awesome graphics. I definitely recommend this game! To get the "Orbit Achieved" …

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called B4. "Warp signature detected… three-hundred, thousand kilometers behind us—headed towards the system''s star. They are now in superluminal flight." "Follow that ship, commander!" barked the captain. "Go to warp and overtake them, Mr. Crusher."

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 · Damn shame that Rene and are no longer with us and we''ll never have a chance of seeing those characters reprised. scaryrobots Member Oct 27, 2017 607 Feb 27, 2020 #3,610 ...

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 · Directed by Matthew Curtis, Chad Laurie. With Kelley Deasy, Chad Laurie. A lost but unperturbed voyager struggles to make sense of his surroundings.

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The Enterprise spun out of orbit. When they stopped Picard asked for a position report. "It''s unbelievable sir, according to my calculation, we are three days from Aldea at Warp 9," Geordi LaForge told him. "Geordi take us back to Aldea Warp 9," Picard ordered.

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out here, we''re going to be the first humans to see it and I want to be a part of that. I want ... Chief, beam the away team directly to the bridge!" (away team beams in) "Let''s get the hell out of here, warp 8! Now, Mr. Crusher, engage!" Riker ...