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Vietnam War operation ROCK CRUSHER

For date 700429. Operation ROCK CRUSHER. South Vietnam. Location, Parrot''s Beak. Description: Operation ROCK CRUSHER begins in the Parrot''s Beak area. The GVN operation is directed against NVA and Viet Cong forces deployed in Cambodia with U. S. air, artillery and logistic support.

Lam Son 719 South Vietnam Invades Laos, 1971

The Vietnam War''s best historian examines the costly attack on an enemy sanctuary. On February 8, 1971, less than two years after U.S. President Richard Nixon announced his intention to "Vietnamize" the war, troops (ARVN) crossed the border into Laos. The primary objective of the operation, named Lam Son 719, was to destroy supply dumps and sever ...

Khe Sanh Relief

1 Khe Sanh Relief By Colonel Joseph E. Abodeely, USA (Ret) Introduction This narrative is not about me, or about my platoon, or my division or the Marines at Khe Sanh—it''s about all of those who honorably served their country and who risked their lives, limbs ...

Project Rock-Under Armour

Under ArmourProject Rock<detail>,,。 UA Siro,,。 。 logo。 UA Free Fit:, ...

Vietnam War Helicopter Attack Outfit (Combat …

Footage of air crews in battle during the Vietnam War.

Today we pause to remember CPT Dana A...

Today we pause to remember CPT Dana A Dilley, 20th SOS, who was KIA on March 14, 1970 while flying in support of MACV-SOG. The 14th Special Operations Wing (14th SOW) and 20th Special Operations Squadron (20th SOS) unit history states that on ...

A Shau Valley

During this operation was Ralph Jackson, Co of B/228, Dave Clemmer, wounded pilot and Andy Dulay, my co-pilot on April 24, 1968. The A Shau is a beautiful valley that runs North and South, adjacent to the Laotian border, just

Helicopter Pilots Who Died During Training or After the …

Helicopter Pilots Who Died During Training or After the Vietnam War Click on the hotlinks for more information Select the first letter of the last name of the person ...

Vietnam War Helicopter Crew Members on panel 16W

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association (VHCMA) Killed in Action (KIA) on The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Panel Number 16W Date range on this panel 10/28/69 - 11/28/69 Load and Play Taps (big file

Dancing the Foxtrot Navy rescues Army By Walker A. Jones (Army) …

Dancing the Foxtrot Navy rescues Army By Walker A. Jones (Army) and Robert Clark (Navy) There I was, an experienced Scout pilot by the summer of ''70. I''d arrived in late April, drafted, naïve and immature. Other boys with peach fuzz, teenagers-on-typewriters

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA)

 · 800-505-VHPA (8472) HQ FAX: 817-200-7309 HQ Postal address: (new as of 1 May 2020) Sherry Rodgers Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Office Manager 1601 E Lamar Blvd Suite 117 Arlington, TX 76011 HQ E-mail: General Information: [email protected]

Current Outdoor Exhibits

The trail was named for the village of Rock Creek, once a small, successful coal-mining town that was built on the land adjacent to the south side of the museum site in northwestern Parker County, Texas. Settlement of the town began in the late 1870s.

Vietnam Helicopter insignia and artifacts

 · This pic is from FSB Currahee, in the A Shau Valley, summer ''69, Operation Montgomery Rendezvous, which was the continuation of Apache Snow which encompassed the north end of the valley. MR included the whole of the A Shau Valley, it lasted longer and was more productive than Apache Snow, but didn''t get the same press.

Operation Rocky Top

Operation Rocky Top was an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation into political corruption in the Tennessee state government in the late 1980s.

Lam Son 719 South Vietnam Invades Laos, 1971

The operation raised serious questions about the progress of Vietnamization, and Nixon was privately distressed over how poorly the South Vietnamese had performed. As General Phillip B. Davidson, former MACV J2 (intelligence), later said, "Lam Son 719 the ...

HF Rock S2 1:20.97 9+ …

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VHPA Aviator by Digital Publisher

All information that the VHPA has for these men may be found at VHPA or by calling 1-800-505-VHPA. If any of our members have more information please report it to: [email protected]

Vietnam Helicopter insignia and artifacts

 · Flatiron was the Crash Rescue operation at Ft. Rucker when I was there in 1970. The program used UH-1D/H Hueys usually painted white and equipped with a water tank and boom sprayer for hovering over a crash fire. An onboard medic could treat victims

Vietnam Helicopter insignia and artifacts

 · The whole crowd, at least the US part of the operation, parked in the grass well south of the LZ and west of Route 1. The LZ was prepped by an "ARC LIGHT" 30 minutes prior to the insertion. Although I don''t remember hearing it, I do remember seeing the reddish haze plowed up by the bombs as we approached the LZ..

Vietnam Helicopter insignia and artifacts

 · Here is a photo of one of my ship''s OH-6 SN# 67915 (Phan Thiet summer of ''68). It carries the only known 4 shot 2.75 rocket pod from Rock Island Arsenal and the M27 mini-gun. The pilot in the photo is Carl L King, RED 6 Scout Platoon Leader in 1968. There

2/503d Vietnam Newsletter

In mid July 2008, the company was involved in Operation Rock Move, the final mission of their deployment. Pitts'' unit, a few Marine Corps mentors and some Afghan soldiers were supposed to r eposition forces from Combat Outpos t Bella to a new post nicknamed Vehicle Patrol Base Kahler.

Vietnam Helicopter insignia and artifacts

 · A picture of a big rock in my troop area at Phu Bai Image courtesy of Jim Newman - Condor 6 C troop, 2/17 C troop "Blues" on stand down. Tony Japuntich was the Platoon Sgt and the second from left. He is a retired CW5 now. Charley Cannon, extreme left

By Clifford J.Morley

The Crash of the Pusher in Cambodia - Tail #66-19114 By Clifford J.Morley Before I begin my "Hook" story perhaps some background information would be in order. My second tour of duty in Vietnam was a short one from Jan.1970 to Sept. 1970 with Charlie

Project Rock Charged Cotton -Under …

Under ArmourProject Rock Charged Cotton <detail>Charged Cotton,。,。,。 。 ...

Project Rock BSR-Under Armour …

Under ArmourProject Rock BSR<detail>,,。,。 。 :,。 …

The VHPA Aviator by Digital Publisher

VHPA C HAPTER A CTIVITIES ALAMO CHAPTER James Boykin, President 23715 Baker Hill San Antonio, TX 78258 (210) 401-6559 [email protected] ALASKA CHAPTER Lynn Kile, President 12243 W Skyline ...

All In The Family

In the United States, the VHPA''s structure took shape, with a governing council of over fifty elected members, who included Mahesh Mehta, Bharat Barai, Vijay Pallod, Ramesh Shah''s daughter Sonal, and a young physician named Mihir Meghani.


CW4 David "Dave" William Sooter was a potential VHPA member who died after his tour in Vietnam on 02/01/1982 at the age of 43 (exact date not known) while TDY in Ecuador..... Sooter was a POW in Vietnam. According to Veteran Tributes: David Sooter was born on …