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Much water under the bridge...

…yes, I know it''s a cliché, but we did have a rather wet April, and May is getting rather cold. Everything was going quite swimmingly until my right eye decided that anything my left eye could do, it could better, particularly when it comes to retinal detachments.

Knowing and understanding our roots:

Knowing and understanding our roots as Republicans would certainly be important, and those roots are and should be, we are all Americans first people who hold and trusts in our beliefs and in the Constitution of the United States and what it means, which is ...

Dreadfully sorry

Which means I lost all the articles and the s9y configuration. I feel really bad about that. I hope no one lost anything entirely unreplacable. Once the s9y config is back up and running to Curtis'' satisfaction, I will begin backing up the database up to 2 different


I remember discovering there was no Santa Clause through the Easter Bunny. I don''t know why my parents decided it was time to reveal the Easter Bunny''s non-existence but maintain the farce of the Santa Clause. I was not precocious enough to put 2 and 2 ...

How to measure the management quality of football …

The title of this entry sounds admittedly ambitious and may or may not qualify as clickbait. But take the time to read this abstract: In this entry I try to establish a relationship between the strength of a club (measured by Elo ratings I calculate on my humble, little site) and the money spent on players (measured by their market values).

"AGCode is ON " "Smilies are ON" | Ferry Adiyon

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Problem with 1.5 session_name

 · Problem I have with that is that aMember and s9y use a different folder structure for smarty. For what it is worth, the s9y version of smarty appears to be 2.6.26 and the aMember version of smarty is 2.6.2. One final question on this code in s9y''s functions_smarty

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Asked by Powered by s9y remember information? green coffee bean extract on 10th June, 2014 about MLA Format:Examples of MLA Works Cited Know someone who can answer? Share a link to this question via Google+, Twitter, or Facebook .

Community mourns, remembers Jamori

Jamori, known by his classmates as Mari, was a senior of the Class of 2021 at Pike County High School and students mourned his untimely death, gathering outside to remember him and pray for his family the day after the accident.

remember 4 |

friday sep 7th fine today i saw a really beautif… i was quite sure that i had seen her before but i just didn''t realize it was when and where that i had met her

Linuxwochenende 2008: 20./21. September

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DIRGE FOR NOVEMBER – Lost, here is nowhere

My name is Magnus and this is my silly blog where I try to sort out events in my life, one piece at a time. You''ll notice I''m not super active, but feel free to look around. 🙂 The name Dirge for November is from a song by Swedish progressive metal/rock band, Opeth, on their 2001 album Blackwater Park. ...

Best Footprints based in GSA Search Engine Ranker

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Wikipedia Wikticonary

 · I remember correctly, is around 32 gigabytes. Definately too large for me to host locally Wikitionary is quite a bit smaller. Not sure if the output would be as nice. My blog is very low volume, and if anyone knew how this worked in trillian, I''d still be very Top ...

Top 5 tips for your jobsearch

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C++ Implementation of Wu Manber''s Multi-Pattern Search …

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Release of SWFRETools 1.1.0

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It''s Busier Than I Remember......

I remember in a previous blog entry that a company had a long contract with Telstra and you were confused why they would sign with them again at the same price despite you having offered a much better price, and your reason was because IP simply costs less

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s9y Upgraded

I just completed an upgrade of our s9y installation to fix a session fixation issue (see this page for the dirt). I don''t expect any problems with the upgrade, but did make a backup copy of both the s9y install and the db before doing it, so please let me know right away if you see any errors, and we''ll roll back until I …

"Sometimes You Just Need To Cull The Herd"

Some time in the early 1990s that line, which has stayed in my mind ever since, was spoken in a Las Vegas ''show room'' by a comedian I''d never heard of at the time called Dennis Miller. "So in Exetel''s case that would mean that some 600 to 1,800 of our current

How to jazz up a KISS formulation

Can you remember the KISS shea cream we made a few months ago? This cream was a feast for the skin on its own and as KISS as it is but today we are going to show you how to use that KISS emulsion as a base and jazz it up with a few hydrophilic and lipophilic active ingredients.

Lesson 2 March

Had half an hour lesson with Arthur Armour in Lightwing 158. Wind mostly southerly at strip level, then west at circuit height. Mostly strip runs, a few side-slips. Arthur has a different approach to correcting ballooning, preferring to hold the stick position (assuming

Cruise 2018

Well I promised at least one more, so here it is. Next Thursday, the 1st November, we head off on our second cruise. Again it is largely sponsored by Mandy and Mark. This time we have additional guests, Janelle, Jaylin and Jacobi (sorry Janelle if I got the spelling